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You can make an order by phone
+7 (342) 252 90 25

You can make an order by phone
+7 (342) 252 90 25

Taste, style, luxury ... Even in small things.

Welcome to the «Park Hotel»

The Park Hotel was opened in Perm, in November 2006. The hotel complex naturally fits into the picturesque landscapes of Perm. The impression that a countryside hotel designed by nature to reflect, as in a mirror, in the windows of the rooms the water surface of the Kama river and the grandeur of the ship timber .

Neither the incomparable pleasure-to fall asleep, admiring the beauty of pine forest and the city at night . You will witness a breathtaking sunset, if you go down to the terrace in the evening. Especially pleasant to say goodbye to the passing day with a cool glass of wine in hand by the sounds of subtle music.


Soft light, enveloping music, made in warm colors of the interior. In the restaurant of the hotel complex "Park Hotel" it's so easy to forget about the city's bustle, it's so nice to stay with friends.

Weddings, holidays

The celebration held in the restaurant "Park hotel" will remain in your memory for years to come, be it a wedding, anniversary, corporate party or meeting old friends.

Conference hall

We invite you to take advantage of the conference hall of the Park hotel for business meetings, conferences, seminars, presentations and symposia.